Pinterest for business

Unlock Free Traffic with Pinterest for Business
Discover How to Attract Customers for Free, Without Creating New Content Daily!

LIVE workshop to start your Pinterest journey!

Pinterest for business
Unlock Free Traffic with Pinterest for Business
Discover How to Attract Customers for Free 24/7 without creating new content daily!

LIVE workshop to start your Pinterest journey!

Pinterest is the best way to show your brand to new audiences without constant content hustle
February, 15
12.00 Singapore time
2-2,5 hours
Does this sound familiar?

  • Shorts, Reels, Stories, Trending audios... It often seems like creating content is the ONLY thing you're doing in your business.
And how long does it last?
A few days if not hours...

  • Paid ads work wonders, but wouldn't it be great to also attract attention to your offers or services for FREE?
social media is great, but!
it doesn't bring organic traffic—meaning new audiences and leads to my website.
Pinterest does.
I've helped over 200 experts and business owners in leveraging the power of this
'Cinderella of the online world'
to drive traffic and leads to their websites and online shops
The thing is,
most people view Pinterest as just a beautiful catalog of interior designs or exquisite parties ideas (you've likely heard those 'Pinterest Wedding' references)

What they overlook is that Pinterest is a place where people search for solutions to their problems, whether it's for home design or kids' party decorations.

And as a business owner, this is how you can attract traffic and make money on Pinterest
Pinterest is not a social media, it's a powerful Visual Search Engine!

That's why I placed my bets on Pinterest when I was launching my first blog.

I followed the exact system that I'll be sharing with you during the workshop, and I soon started seeing great results.

Betting on Pinterest allowed me to have:
  • A website that attracts 5-7 thousand visitors every month
  • 70-100 organic email leads
  • A strategy that lets me repurpose the content I create on other platforms, allowing me to spend just 1 hour a week to grow on Pinterest.
  • 85%
    of users say that they come to Pinterest for new ideas when starting a new project
  • 14th
    It's the 14th largest social media platform in the world
  • 28.8%
    Pinterest drives 28.8% of traffic to websites and online shops, which is more than YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook combined.
Pinterest is the perfect opportunity to meet your customer when he's looking for the solution
that your business provides.
Pinterest is the perfect opportunity to meet your customers when they are looking for the solution that your business provides
Your brand is represented on a platform known for the quality of its content, where hundreds of thousands of users come in search of inspiration every day!
Your content is seen by users because Pinterest's algorithms promote you, even if you don't post content every day!
You regularly receive messages like "saw you on Pinterest."
And you spend just a few hours on the platform each month.
Save time searching for information and advice on how to use Pinterest in 2024.
during the Live Workshop we'll cover:
Pinterest basics
what a Pinterest business account is, why you need it, how to set it up
Pinterest SEO
  • what Pinterest keywords are
  • how to do keyword research,
  • how to strategically use them so that your profile gets more views and consistently brings traffic to your resources.
Pinterest content strategy
  • How to leverage content that you're already creating
  • How to create multiple Pinterest pins for just one piece of content (product listings, blog pages etc)
  • How to schedule content for months ahead
Why you can't ignore Pinterest anymore in 2024
Pinterest is a visual search engine, not just beautiful photos, and
  • Your content lives forever
    Compared to the usual shelf life of content, which is just minutes to a couple of days on most social media, Pinterest's algorithms deliver users relevant content.
    So, pins you scheduled a month or four months ago could be bringing you the most traffic now.
  • Your audience most surely is here
    The majority of Pinterest's audience are women, who make buying decisions for their households.
What clients say:
Still in doubt?
Then here are a few more benefits of Pinterest.
  • Make Sales inside Pinterest
    When customers find your product and immediately go to your store directly from a pin.
  • Attract new clients
    "I found you on Pinterest. How can I order your consultation?" - You will regularly receive such inquiries.
  • Tap into wordlwide audience
    No matter your GEO, Pinterest will show your offerings to anybody who's looking for them.
who am I and why I'm inviting you to this workshop
Hello, I'm Anna, a professional marketer with 15 years of experience. I've worked with enterprise-level clients at Microsoft, and I led the marketing department for major clients at Symantec Corporation.
After moving to Singapore, I've been helping experts and small businesses sell online.

Pinterest attracted me with its simplicity and effectiveness. Most importantly, you can grow organically on it, meaning it's free.

Currently, my Pinterest account:
- Gains up to 545 thousand views monthly
- Drives 7-9 thousand visitors to my website per month
- Attracts subscribers to my lead magnets and customers for my services.

Last month, my website received over 10 thousand visitors, and almost all of them came from Pinterest.

Thanks to my clear system for working with Pinterest, I've achieved these results not only for myself but also for my clients.

You will learn this system at the workshop. It focuses on what works now, not outdated techniques that were relevant in the past.
your business will definitely benefit from Pinterest if you're:
  • A designer/artist/photographer who sell digital products or services
  • Selling physical products online (like handmade, pictures, etc)
  • You're a service provider and can work online (coaches, consultants etc)
Any questions? Just get in touch!
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